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Our History
In 1914 the Kwaishinsha Motorcar Works crafted their first car, the DAT. Named after the company partner's, Kenjiro Den, Rokuro Aoyama and Meitaro Takeuchi. Then in 1931, after various name changes, the DAT Motorcar Co released a new version of the original vehicle, and it was called the DATSUN (literally taken from "son of DAT").

Datsuns were first imported to Australia in 1934 with the Datsun Phaeton. After the war the famous Australian automotive industry figure Sir Lawrence Hartnett secured distribution rights for Datsun vehicles in Australia after being so enthused by the Datsun 1200 model which was shown at the 1960 Melbourne Motor Show.

Datsun Car Club Australia
In 1968, a small group of enthusiasts inaugurated the Datsun Car Club of Australia. The first official meeting was in the showrooms of John Ould Motors where a constitution was written to enable affiliation with CAMS. Following a second meeting at John Ould Motors, the venue moved to the back room, (now the extension of the bar) at the Light Car Club of Australia. Space was a problem, so the meetings moved again, this time to the downstairs cellar in the Harbour Trust Building. Eventually there was a third move to the venue where the club met for some years, the Theaterette of the Camberwell Civic Centre. Since then the club has secured the premises of Nissan Australia in Hawthorn and conducted the General Meetings there for some time until security concerns of the company forced a move, firstly to Burwood Teachers' College, then to Shoppingtown Hotel Panorama Room, to the Anchor and Hope Tavern followed by the Mount Waverley Tennis Club and The Whitehorse Inn in Hawthorn, With the closure and demolition of that site the club moved to The Tower Hotel, Camberwell.  Again, renovations meant that the club moved its meetings to the East Malvern RSL and this is the current meeting location.

In 1969 the club manned a stand at the Motor Show which resulted in a healthy 'increase' in membership. Over the years, the Club has prospered enormously by similar displays of keenness and enthusiasm. Many people have worked hard to improve the services to the members, to provide a large number of areas for competition and to increase the clubs assets.

DCCA seemed to be the party club!!!!! Club nights were held at the Camberwell Civic Centre. Members seemed to compete in all events – motorkhanas, sprints, trials, six-hour relays etc.

Over thirty trials/rallies were listed in the club calendar. The constitution was revamped and stands pretty much unaltered until this day. Owners of non-Datsun vehicles could become full members of the club. Club participation in Hillclimbs, Autocrosses, Rallycross as well as Rallies increased. New member nights were held. An annual Beach Day at Christmas was held where members could bring out their boats and play different types of games to the usual car games. There was a plea in the magazine for more female members to become more active, example in catering!!!!!!!

DCCA was affiliated with CAMS. Membership fees were $5.50 with $1.00 going to CAMS. Cerberus Autocross was all the go but tales of “Rolling Datsuns” were all the go. The Morwell Hillclimb was resurfaced. DCCA was third in the Six Hour Relay and third in the Interclub event. Only two of our members went to the presentation barb e cue.

The first West Wyalong National Weekend for all Datsun clubs in Australia was held. Forty DCCA members attended. Dick Denvil won outright and DCCA did well in all events except the rally. The first DCCA Rally of the Rising Sun was a case of mud, mud and more mud! The first DCCA Challenge Trial was won by Laurie Mion. (Not the Challenge of Clubs).

Hugh Bell won the second West Wyalong National Event and DCCA takes the event overall.  What else happened in 1975?  Perhaps some of the older members will be able to help fill out more details.


Club is in the doldrums, losing members.  One bright spot was Annette Williams who was winning left, right and centre but she leaves – because of the policy of non-Datsun powered vehicles being ineligible for the Championships.


The first DCCA organised hillclimb was at Lakeland.  There was a rebirth of interest in sprints and hillclimbs.  The issue of kids and backseaters disrupting meetings arises.   Again more details may be supplied by those with a longer connection with the club.


The ten-year anniversary was celebrated with a BBQ at the Bull Barn.  The DCCA was second in the Combine Six Rally Series.  Ian and Trevor Boyd won the Victorian Clubman Rally Series.  On the racing side of things, DCCA won the Six Hour Relay with Ron McPherson, Vic Gamil and Bob Turner in the team.


DCCA won the National Datsun Weekend at West Wyalong NSW.  George Fury was a guest driving his works Stanza.  We also won the Challenge of Clubs weekend at Benalla.  The first event of the Quin Sprint series was held at Calder.  The Club was looking for new clubrooms.  DCCA was second in the Six Hour Relay and also second in the Combine Six Rally Series.


This was the year that saw the start of the Autocross series.  The National Datsun Weekend was held at Temora.  This was usually one of the highlights of the year.  We lost a cricket match at Olinda against Peugeot Car Club Victoria.  The Club ran its first open rally ever – the Rally of the Rising Sun.  We successfully ran a round of the Australian Motorkhana Championship at the Dandenong Saleyeards.  Dennis Billings and Steve Ellis won the Victorian Clubman Rally Series.


We won the Challenge of Clubs weekend at Benalla again.  This was the year that Datsun changed its name to Nissan.  Should we change our name?  Most of us drove Datsuns, not Nissans!  There was a general discussion about the purchase of a photocopier.  The club Christmas party was held at Jells Park and it rained all day!  We discovered how many people could fit into the club tent!


The Club’s name was changed to Nissan Car Club Australia.  We purchased our first photocopier.  The club has a record membership of 310.  Rallies, motorkhanas and the social scene were all very popular.


The magazine was now called Nissan Link.  The Challenge of Clubs was to be held at Morwell but was cancelled due to the drought and the bushfire danger.  At least one member lost his home in the Ash Wednesday fires, and club members helped the cleanup in the Powelltown area.  Membership was upped to $15.00 for a single member.  We won the Quinkhana series.  There was a general discussion as to whether the club should become incorporated.


The national Motorsport Weekend was held at Easter at Colo NSW and several members attended.  The Challenge of Clubs was held at Ballarat for the first time – we won again.  Membership was now payable 12 months after joining instead of at the end of the financial year.  PRC class in rallies was introduced.  NCCA won the Combine Six Rally Series again.  The Quinkhana series was not run this year.


Membership fees were raised to $20.00 per year for single members.  The magazine cover took on a new look with George Fury and his Bluebird featuring.  The social scene was very active during this year and several guest speakers were arranged.  Harold Pearson won the State Motorkhana Title for the second year in a row.  The club membership list was computerised.


The Challenge of Clubs was again held at Ballarat and we successfully defended our crown as the top club in Victoria.  Along with many other social events, 55 members went to the premier of Crocodile Dundee.  The club became incorporated and its name changed to Nissan Car Club Australia Inc.  A new photocopier was purchased after many dramas using the old one.  The editor (Susan Day0 organised a chocolate drive and raised $1000.000 for the Club.  Membership fees were raised to $25.00 for a single membership.


1987 was the 10th anniversary of the Challenge of Clubs.  It was held at Ballarat and the events were directed by the same directors as for the first Challenge.  Unfortunately NCCA lost the trophy to LCCA Ballarat.  NCCA found new clubrooms at Nissan Victorian Headquarters.  Club members had the opportunity to help Nissan with car testing and press releases.  12 members drove in a marathon testing vehicle demonstration around Australia and another group took 4 wheel drives to Merrimbula for the press.  The club joined the TAUCC series of rallies due to the collapse of the Combine Six Series.  We won the series outright.


A regular shopping point for people Frank Kilfoyles Rallyquip was sold to Nigel Letty who then replaced David Vears in charge.  Templestowe Hillclimb track which was hand built in the 50’s was closed.  NCCA scooped the big one by winning the TAUCC Rally championship series.  The highlight of the year was the NCCA “BI-DECADE” party.  87 people arrived at the Light Car Club to a room full of balloons, streamers and photo displays.  Some of the party consisted of past presidents, guest speakers and also a trip to Adelaide thrown in.


Members of NCCA and a few other car clubs rallied together and raised money to buy Neil Pennicott a new camera after it was stolen.  For NCCAs 21st year the club held a cake cutting at the June Monthly General Meeting.  NCCA was making a real competent motorkhana team filling approx. 20% of all entries in each motorkhana.  NCCA completed the year by winning the TAUCC Motorkhana Series.  70 people attended the Presentation at which Jim Richards was guest speaker.  Jim gave members lots of gossip on the Skylines.


NCCA won the Quinsprint Championship for the first time.  NCCA organised events had good responses with the Sprint/Training day held at Phillip Island drawing 70 to 80 entries, 51 of them being Nissan members, many of them new.  A days of Thunder film night had over 60 members attend.  Dean Jeeves received his life membership and a plaque for his contributions to the club.  The Watsonia traders organized a day at which NCCA was invited to display some vehicles and advertise club activities.  The day was a success with one of the most striking parts being the cars that formed a static display.


A few changes were made regarding the production of the monthly magazines with the Car Club purchasing a laptop computer and a printer, and now magazines were sent outside the club to be printed, collated and stapled.  Due to a new policy by Nissan Motor Co to no longer allow outside people and organizations access to company premises during non-business hours, the MGM had to be moved from headquarters.  Animal liberationalists made their presence felt for the Nissan Nightmoves for the second year, this time however, they brought a television crew along from the Hinch program.


NCCA ran its first ever round of the Victorian Rally Championship (VRC) the Rising Sun Rally was directed by Trevor Woods around Heathcote.  The event consisted of a day and night section with an extended division break consisting of a three course meal.  NCCA won the inaugural Victorian Club Rally Series (VCRS) after it was introduced with a bit of a hiccup.  Competitors were told they would need restricted licenses in order to run the series, this however was appealed and basic licenses remained all that was needed.  NCCA also won the Quinsprint series.


The club organized a number of motorkhanas, a sprint, an autocross and two rallies with a round of the VCRS and a round of the VRC.  Also present were a few Go-Kart challenges.  Two Challenge of Clubs weekends were held, and NCCA took out both fights.  Formula Commodore was introduced to rallying and a few NCCA members built cars to contest the series.  At the time of its 25th anniversary, the NCCA consisted of exactly 400 members.

This was the year that we found a new venue for club meetings at the Mount Waverley Tennis Club.  Charlie Almond became the president and we ran the 1600 Classic Sprint Rally twice, both times in the Wombat State Forest.  We also ran the Nissan Nightmoves, the Novice Nightmoves and of course the Challenge of Clubs which was won by BLCC.  The Rising Sun Rally was run in Heathcote as a VRC.  The Sprint guys ran in the Quin Sprint Series, Autocross people ran in the Autocross Super Series and the Rally competitors ran in the VCRS.  Motorkhana were run in the TAUCC Series.  We had lots of competitors in all of these events!  We had a live band at our Presentation Dinner at the Nunawading .  Later a new land speed record in a scissor lift was set!  A concourse was held at the Christmas Barby at Yarrambat Park.



A third 1600 Classic Sprint Rally was held in February with high profile competitors.  The club ran the Challenge of Clubs in March and the Nissan Nightmoves in April followed by the Novice Nightmoves in June.  The Rising Sun was run in November but not as a VRC this time.  The VCRS, Autocross Super Series, Quin Sprint and the TAUCC Series were still be the club series events run by the club.  No club Motorkhana Champion Trophy was presented mainly due to the lack of events due to rain.  NCCA ran our round of the Autocross Series at Alexandra with 35 of the 55 competitors from Nissan.  Gordon Lovegrove was the Sprint Champion, Ross James the Autocross Champion, with Rai Curry and Richard Gay the Rally Champions.  The NCCA Presentation Dinner was held at the Tower Hotel with a set of Rally Tyres the door prize and the Christmas Barby was held at Yarrambat again this year with a member hurting his back and having to be taken to hospital on a door in the back of a wagon.

Club Rally Champions were Trevor Woods and Daryl Williams, Sprint Champion was Paul Greer, Eden Johnson was Autocross Champion and Andrew Woods was go-kart and Motorkhana Champion.  We ran out of Rally Directors and only the Nightmoves and Challenge were run.  The John Mott Sprint was held at Sandown as it was in 1995.  The Quinsprint and TAUCC Series died and NCCA joined Group 5 for sprints and ‘khanas.  The VCRS and Autocross Super Series were alive and well and our members continued to enter in large numbers.    Extra freedoms were allowed in normally aspirated rally cars much to the relief of competitors.  We ran a round of the Victorian Motorkhana series at the Dandenong Saleyards.  The Challenge of Clubs was run in March with its usual high standard.  NCCA missed out on being Champion Club again which was run by newcomers, MMAL.  The event date had to be moved due to the Australian Grand Prix. We had a competition for a new logo but the old one won.  The Presentation Night was held at the Tower Hotel in Hawthorn but was moved to January 1997 to make the organization easier.

The Committee searched for a new club meeting place again and settled on the Whitehorse Inn in Hawthorn.  This was a much better venue as meals were available.  Nissan ran the Nissan Nightmoves in the Yarram area with Phil Thomas (the local postman) being the director.  This was great for getting officials as the locals were very enthusiastic.  We organized the John Mott Sprint with a training day on the Saturday at Sandown.  The VMS round was held in the Sandown Car Park.  We also ran the usual and very successful Challenge of Clubs in April.  The Motorkana had 21 Datsun 1600’s in one class. The trial had 28 Datsuns out of 42 entries and the Autocross had 57 Datsuns out of 76 entries.

This year we ran two Autocross training days as well as the two day John Mott Sprint, the Nissan Nightmoves and a round of the Autocross Super Series at Alexandra.  Motorkhanas were not well attended.  We ran our round of the VMS in the car park at Sandown.  The Challenge of Clubs was postponed until October due to weather conditions.  The Nightmoves was held in the Woodside area at the end of November.  This was a rather busy time for members as our two rally events were run close together.  A large group of members (The Griswalds) made the trip to Perth to see Rally Australia.  It was well worth it even getting up at leaving Perth at 3am to get front row at the Bunnings Watersplash.  Club Champions were John Patterson for Sprints, Gavin Edwards for Autocross, David Sporle for Motorkhana and Phil Thomas and Ken Radnall for Rally.

This was the year of the Colin McRae Challenge on Play Station!  The Autocross Super Series changed its name to the Vistorian Club Autocross Series (VCAS).  NCCA were VCAS Champions as well as being VCRS Champions again.  Jeff Lagerwey won the Autocross Championship, John Patterson the Sprint Championship, Nick & Peter Whiteley the Rally Championship and David Sporle won the Motorkhana Championship.  The first winery tour was held.

The Colin McRae Playstation Championship continued!  NCCA came 2nd in the VCAS Championship but won the VCRS.  The Christmas Barby moved to “Ken’s Place” and the Presentation Night was at the Forrest Hill Scout Hall.  Peter Whiteley moved the Nissan Nightmoves to Heathcote.  Club Champions were Mark Millar & Shannon Seabrook were Rally Champions, Gavin Edwards won the Autocross Championship, John Patterson was Sprint Champion and Andrew Woods was Motorkhana Champion.

Club Champions for rally were Rob Tyzzer and Angela Alves with Leigh & Ken Garrioch winning the Novice section.  Daniel Stevenson was Motorkhana Champion, Andrew Perry was Autocross Champion and the Sprint King was not contested.  We ran the Challenge of Clubs out of Ballarat again and Peter Whiteley directed the Nissan Nightmoves in Heathcote again and NCCA won the VCRS again.  The John Mott Sprint run again at Sandown with near full fields.  The Presentation Night was held at the Bayswater Scout Hall.  It was very hot and no air-conditioning!  Club accounting system was computerised.

National Rally Licence was introduced by CAMS at $132 which doubled the price.  Officials Licences were introduced.  Avgas was banned from use in rallies.  A brand new web site for NCCA was constructed.  2002 Presentation Night moved to the Box Hill Golf Club.  A new Clubman & Clubwoman points score system was introduced.  Rob Tyzzer and Angela Alves were Rally Champions and Tony & Kristen Flemming Novice Champions.  Sprint King was Scott Morton, Autocross Champion was Jenny Tirant and Daniel Stevenson won the Motorkhana Championship.

Colin McRae is still going!  Christmas Barby had game machines.  Nissan Nightmeals were introduced!  Lots of nagging about getting an officials licence.  Challenge of Clubs was won by Ballarat again.  Peter Whiteley ran the Nissan Nightmoves out of Heathcote again.  NCCA tried to re-introduce the Novice Nightmoves Introductory Trial.  It was cancelled so we held the “Not the Nissan Nightmoves“ Winery Tour instead.  Gart Tirant won the Autocross Championship, Daniel Stevenson won the Motorkhana Championship, Gerald Mammi and Geoff Sheeran won the Rally Championship, Nathan Davis and David Kelly won the Novice Rally Championship.

The Challenge of Clubs went back to the long weekend in March as the Grand Prix moved to a later date.  NCCA ran its first Group 5 Motorkhana.  We came 3rd in the VCRS.  Not many members ran in the Sprint Series.  Colin & Corenne Seabrook won the Rally Championship.  David Lawrance & David Webb the Novice Championship, Daniel Stevenson was Autocross Champion and Frank Rogan was the Motorkhana Champion.

The Whitehorse Inn was bulldozed and we had to move our meetings to the Tower Hotel.  The Nissan Nightmoves was moved to Rushworth.  NCCA won the Challenge of Clubs trophy after a break of 19 years.  We also had Champion Male, Female & Junior.  Congratulations!  We won the VCRS trophy again.  NCCA moved the Presentation Dinner to The Victorian Aero Club and raffled a Joy Flight as the major prize.

NCCA ran a fund raising BBQ at Bunnings.  BLCC took back the Challenge of Clubs Trophy.  The Christmas Barby was held at the Chateau Garrioch.  This year we hired a jumping castle!  We had a “Billycart Challenge” as well.  The Nissan Nightmoves ran out of Rushworth and it rained!  We ran a Navigational Training and Treasure Hunt in the Toolangi Forest followed by a barb e cue at Wattle Glen.

The Challenge of Clubs ran the Motorkhana on the Sunday and the Autocross on the Sunday night due to the drought.  It was a very hot & dusty weekend.  Andrew Woods ran a very successful John Mott Sprint.  Peter Whiteley ran a very successful Novice Nightmoves.  Our Autocross was run at Kyneton again.  Very dusty.  Club Champions were Brodie Crisp / Mark Millar and Kim Woods Rally Champions, Brodie Crisp & Sarah Mammi Novice Champions,  Stuart Stevenson Autocross Champion and Andrew Woods was Motorkhana Champion.

We moved the Presentation Night to the Rosanna Golf Club.  Challenge of Clubs ran the autocross at night again.  We moved meetings to the East Malvern RSL in February - much better.  NCCA’S 40TH BIRTHDAY.