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Club Permits

As a member of the Association of Motoring Clubs (AOMC), Nissan Car Club Australia Inc. (NCCA) is a current able to offer current financial members the ability to apply to drive 25 years or older vehicles as part of the VicRoads Club Permits Scheme (CPS).

All Potential users of the CPS should be aware of the requirements of the scheme which is available on the on this link: VicRoads - Club Permit Scheme

Before requesting further information regarding the CPS, please take the time to review our commonly asked questions:

  • What do I need to do before the inspection?
  • Do I have to join your car club?
    • No.  But if you wish to participate in the CPS through NCCA, you need to be a current financial member of NCCA.  Joining the club is easy and able to be completed entirely online.  To join, use this link
  • Do I need to have a Nissan to join Nissan Car Club Australia Inc?
    • No.  While we are a Nissan car club, you do not need to have a Nissan to join the club.  You also do not have an obligation to join NCCA and we encourage you to find the club that suits your needs best
  • Is my car eligible?
    • Your car needs to be 25 years or older to take part in the CPS
    • Your car needs to be in a roadworthy condition and have a current roadworthy certificate (RWC)
    • Your car needs to pass a safety inspection, which takes place at a location in Hurstbridge VIC, during business hours
  • Is there a cost for the inspection?
    • Yes, our CPS officer who conducts the safety inspections, charges a fee for his time
  • Where can I get a RWC from?
    • You can get a RWC from any VicRoads Licensed Vehicle Tester.  You will still need to pass a safety inspection to be eligible for the CPS.
  • Renewal Mailing Address
    • All renewals to be sent via post to: PO Box 605, Hurstbridge, VIC, 3099
  • Can I talk to someone about the process for a club permit?
    • Yes.  Please make sure you've read over the commonly asked questions first.  Get in touch with our CPS officer, Aiden Peart on 0434995680 during business hours only.
  • Can I get my membership refunded if my car doesn’t pass the safety inspection?
    • No.  Memberships are not refundable based on the outcome of your safety inspection
  • Can the CPS officer help with membership enquiries?
    • No.  Please use this link to contact our Membership Secretary using our online form