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2012 Marysville Stages - quick wrap
Last Updated: 24/09/2012

It was a successful night for NCCA crews at the 2012 Marysville Stages. This was the final round of the 2012 VCRS. 

8 cars in the top 15 had at least one NCCA member sitting inside! What a strong showing for the club!  Well done to all involved and thank you to the organising team John Roberts, Doug Corben, Steve Porter and Trevor Woods.  It was a great event.  Who can say section 3 wasn’t a classic?!!

Provisional Results are:
2nd OR (1st VCRS)  Rob Parry/Leigh Garrioch – Datsun 1600
3rd OR  Andrew Crimson  (Navigator) - Escort
5th OR  Andrew Bell (Navigator) – Datsun 180B
6th OR  Cary Seabrook/Rhiannon Philpot-Hale - Stanza
7th OR  Chris Hincks (Driver) – Datsun 260Z
11th OR  Kimberley O'Halloran (Navigator) – Nissan Sunny Gti
14th OR  Mark Millar/Dion Clayton – Datsun 240Z
15th OR  Anthony Fleming/Rachel Patterson - Commodore
23rd OR  David Lawrance/Darren Davison – Datsun 1600
25th OR  Kim Begelhole/Malcolm Hobrough – Datsun 1600
28th OR  Darcy O'Connor (driver) – VW Golf
35th OR  Chris Sharpe/Daniel Tortelli – Datsun 1600

Did not finish the event
Aiden Peart/Stuart Armstrong – Gearbox (how annoying) – Datsun 260Z
Simon Thompson (Navigator - Off Road (we hope you’re OK Simon) – Datsun 1600

Along with the Marysville Stages, a novice trial ran, using the same stages as the VCRS, bar the last two.  NCCA had one crew involved, that of father/son team, Dean and Jamie Allan.  It wasn’t a smooth or happy ride for these two with Jamie having a bad reaction to anti-motion sickness tablets.  We hope everything is OK now Jamie!

Camcrusher Intro Trial
3rd OR   Dean Allan/Jamie Allan - Lancer