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Nissan Car Club Australia Inc.
John Mott Memorial Sprint Results Out NOW
Last Updated: 13/07/2012

Hi All,
Please find the provisional John Mott Memorial Sprint Results, here

The results will become final at 11am on Monday 16-7-12.  Sorry they are late I have been sick since the event.

The 4 cars that got ejected for noise are not in the results as per the event regulations.

All times taken on the day are on the Natsoft website including the extra runs and the ejected competitors. The extra lap times are on the last page of the results.

NCCA Thanks you for your support of the event and hopes to see you again.

Sandown management are not happy with the amount of cars that had noise warnings on the Sunday. Sandown management have sent off the noise meter for calibration to see if it is faulty.

The possibility of NCCA not being allowed to run the John Mott again is on the table.

75dB noise days are very strict and the loss of the track altogether is a reality. It is a reality because the track requires to have it in use as much as possible because with only 4 none noise restriction days a year these events are not enough to keep the track financial.

I suspect the event regulations will become more strict in regards to 75dB noise limits at both Sandown and Phillip Island into the future. How and what is not yet decided.

If the Supra can get around Sandown doing the times it was then nobody has an excuse.

I know it's hard for you to know how much you need to reduce noise but I'm afraid it will be up to you to comply. Buy a noise meter and start doing your own testing, it is really the only way you will know yourself. Even the cheap meters are reasonably accurate.

You will be amazed at the readings you see. I would not suggest the mobile phone app as a noise test meter.

John Mott Memorial Sprint