Nissan Car Club Australia Inc.
Nissan Car Club Australia Inc.
Victorian State Council
Last Updated: 18/06/2010

    Victorian State Council Minutes.
    Now known as "Victorian Sport & Club Development Council"
    As of the last State council meeting (May 2010) the name "Victroian Sport & Club Development Council" has been srapped and "Victorian State Council" has been reintroduced. Thank god for that. Steve

Sorry I am a bit slow updating these. If your interested just give me a prod with an email.

    VSCDC Minutes 3 Feb 09.pdf
    VSCDC Minutes 5 May 09.pdf
    VSCDC Minutes 4 August 09.pdf
    VSCDC Minutes 20 October 09.pdf

    CAMS E Newsletters    Now Called "Speed Read"

    E Newsletter CAMS Ed1.pdf    
    E Newsletter CAMS Ed2.pdf 

    E Newsletter Cams Speed Read September '09 Special Summit 

    Speed Read Ed10
    Speed Read Ed 11
    Speed Read Ed 12
    Speed Read Ed15

    Task Force Victoria Newsletter

    Task Force Communique.pdf
    From VSC Chair.pdf
    Task Force Victoria Board Response 070210 _2_.pdf
    TaskForceVictoria March 2010 ed1 
    TaskForceVictoria March 2010 ed2  

    Board Brief !

    BoardBrief March 2010 ed1