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Nissan Car Club Australia Inc.
Last Updated: 10/11/2008

Provisional results are now out for the 2008 Victorian Club Rally series, and these show an absolute dominating performance from the NCCA novice competitors.  The points between the top novices were so very close in all areas!


Brodie Crisp will be taking home the Sonny Robson Novice Driver award in his last year being eligible for this – his performance in the last round of the series saw him being upgraded.  With a score of 50 points he narrowly beat the next placed competitors who came in equal second with 49 points in this driver’s championship.  NCCA swept the board in this category as Tony Huggins and Scott Jennison were the two tied in second.  Scott was the odd man out here in that he drives a Charade where the other two were both in Stanzas!


The novice navigators performed equally well, and competition was equally fierce.  The two Sarahs battled it out, with Sarah Mammi pipping Sarah Curry with 50 points to 49.


Congratulations to all of these competitors.


NCCA names were spread across the Junior Cup leader board as well.  Andrew Bell was equal third in the driver’s category, while again the two Sarahs fought it out in the Navigator’s category.  This time it was Sarah Curry who took home the first placed trophy with 54 points, while Sarah Mammi came home in second with 50 points.


It wasn’t just the juniors who did well – David Balfour was first Senior Cup Navigator.  The oldies can’t let the juniors get all of the awards!


With NCCA names everywhere in the final results, it is no surprise that NCCA have taken out the series for the 8th year in a row!  Congratulations to ALL competitors.


Other NCCA results were:

Andrew Bell – 2nd Driver, = 3rd Junior Cup Driver, 2nd Class C Driver

Campbell Eastwood – 4th Driver, 2nd Class D Driver

Keith Cuttle – 7th Driver, = 5th Class D Driver

Brodie Crisp - =10th Driver, 1st Novice Driver, = 7th Class D Driver

Mark Millar – 14th Driver, = 5th Class D Driver

Phil Thomas - = 15th Driver, 4th Class D Driver

Scott Jennison - = 20th Driver, 1st Class A Driver

Rex Muldoon - = 20th Driver, = 12th Class D Driver

Chris Sharpe - = 22nd Driver, = 6th Novice Driver, = 8th Class C Driver

Darren Miller - = 4th Navigator, 2nd Class D Driver

Kimberley Woods - = 4th Navigator, 4th Class D Driver

Simon Thompson – 7th Navigator, 1st Class E Navigator

Sandra Cuttle - = 8th Navigator, 5th Junior Cup Navigator, = 7th Class D Navigator

Sarah Mammi - = 12th Navigator, 1st Novice Driver, = 2nd Junior Cup Navigator,
                       = 9th Class D Navigator

Dion Clayton - = 14th Navigator, = 7th Class D Navigator

Steuart Snooks - = 14th Navigator, 6th Class C Navigator, 12th Class D Navigator

Ken Radnell - = 16th Navigator, 5th Class D Driver

Daniel Torelli - = 22nd Navigator, = 6th Novice Navigator, = 10th Class C Navigator

Tony Huggins - = 2nd Novice Driver, = 6th Class C Driver

Scott Jennison - = 2nd Novice Driver

Aiden Peart - = 6th Novice Driver, = 12th Class D Driver

Daniel Williams – 11th Novice Driver

Robert McKenzie – 18th Novice Driver, 3rd Senior Cup Driver

Simon Ilsley – 20th Novice Driver

Sarah Curry - = 2nd Novice Navigator, 1st Junior Cup Navigator

Stuart Armstrong - = 6th Novice Navigator, 13th Class D Navigator

Kellie Watchman – 11th Novice Navigator

David Balfour – 15th Novice Navigator, 1st Senior Cup Navigator, = 7th Class C Navigator

Tyler Cuttle – 10th Junior Cup Navigator