Nissan Car Club Australia Inc.
NCCA Racing Survey 2016

The NCCA speed survey has been run and won, the results are in and your views have been counted. So, a big thanks to those that participated.  In the end, we had a reasonable return rate of 30, which sounds low, but when you remove the ‘family members’, most of the committee (we discussed not influencing the results) and consider just competitors, it’s actually slightly more than we expected. The full results will be loaded to the website:

Survey responses in words

Survey responses in graphs

Here is a short summary provided below.

The results were very supportive of continuing to offer and support speed events.  Further, we should run a championship and we should run events (come'n'try style events are slightly favoured) probably in collaboration with other clubs. So with this in mind we have some plans for 2017. 

Firstly, we are going to try to bring more focus to speed events in the magazine and club communications. So, if you have a story, send it in; even if you feel it’s a bit light, doesn’t matter, we want to hear about everything, build diaries, event experiences, whatever it is. The worst that could happen is it doesn’t get published, so don’t be shy!

Secondly, we are going to select 4 to 6 events to be considered as the club championship. The initial idea is to base on the Group 5 series, but make sure the championship visits a range of tracks (including Haunted Hills and possibly East Sale). If you want to influence the events and dates, please send me an email. 

Lastly, we have had initial approaches to run events in collaboration with other clubs in 2017.  These opportunities are being considered to see which would fit best.  So, if we call for helpers to an event that is not a prime NCCA event, please help out; we see these collaborative opportunities as ways to help the broader club.  For example, we may ask the club we helped for road closure officials for a rally event in return!